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Concept: Women's

World Championship /

WGC Champions

The Women's World Championship and WGC Champions are female and male stroke play events held in Singapore and Shanghai respectively. We were asked to present two concepts to the title partner for the 2021 creative campaigns. This concept was the option not selected.

Where - IMG

Creative Direction & Design - Ryan Gouge

3-D Modelling & Animation - Andrew Dawson

Project Management - Harrie Brown

Marketing - Cally Hocknell / Kim Martin


A golfer’s career from earning their card, to becoming a champion, is not always what it seems. What the golf fan sees is the finished article, hundreds of elegant shots delicately played throughout the season. But every journey is different. Their childhood influences, life experiences and the actions they have taken to build their career. This is the model of their success. These are the stories to tell.


Champions are not born, they are made.

We created model kits that highlighted everything fundamental in the running of a successful event. Fans watch for the big-name talents, but this part of the campaign aimed to highlight everything else behind the scenes such as the ground staff, caddies, infrastructure etc. 

We then started looking at individual players stories. Each players journey is unique, we wanted to show what a players model kit consists of. 

We wanted to highlight other elements of golfers journey that was not golf specific. Brooks Koepka is know for his weight lifting and fitness so we added a small dumbell to represent this. Other parts of his journey include his school, his move to Europe and Major championship victories