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UL International Crown

Team Emblems

The UL Internation Crown is a global team golf event which the top 4 female players from qualifying countries compete to be crowned the world's best golf nation. We were asked to create a more unified team experience for the fans in the 2020 edition. (Note: this event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic).

Where - IMG

Creative Direction & Design - Ryan Gouge

Illustration - Alex Tillbrook

Project Management - Joseph Hills / Harrie Brown

Marketing - Henry Watt

Player photography - Getty Images


Team Emblems 

Previous editions of the International Crown lacked a real team identity both on and off the golf course. Our task, was to make the team feel more united but also create and look and feel that players and fans would be proud to wear. Each team emblem draws inspiration from their countries national animal whilst embracing their unique history and story.


Unique visual identity

Team colours tend to be dictated by each individual nations flags. The issue with this is that numerous coutries have very similar colour palettes, and in team sports this can be a problem. We wanted to create a more unique look and style for each team, and although we didn't want to forget the power of a nation's flag we instead drew inspiration from local culture and landmarks to create a unified and vibrant colour palette for each team. 

All applications need to be considered from team uniforms to how they were used across digital. We created two emblems for each nation, a detailed version to be used primarily across team comms, but also a simplified version for embroidery. We also created a bespoke type lockup for each nation with their team name.

Powerful messaging

Each team has a unique rally cry that cleverly relates to each team's emblem whilst also remaining culturally and golf relevant.