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Track Bee's

Brand Identity

Track Bees are an all-abilities running club based in south-west London. We were approached to create a logo and brand identity for the team which showcases their work rate, speed, and importantly it's fun and inclusive nature, reflecting that of a bee colony.

Creative Direction, Design & Animation - Ryan Gouge

Bees Are Workhorses

Bees are known for their relentless work in the hive, working together collectively to produce honey. This is no different from the mindset of a runner. Each member plays their part in pushing their team members to push harder, go faster and break physical and mental barriers to be the best. We wanted to show this collective spirit within the Track Bees branding. 

Application Across The Wider Brand

The honeycomb pattern is used across all print and digital material. This is also especially important when applied to brand uniforms, the visual representation of the team.


The Hive

Drawing inspiration from a Bee's Hive, we reimagined a running track by splitting the iconic hexagon shape into lanes. This will help support the logo as well as create the pattern used throughout the brand.

Nineteen89 took the original idea for 'Track Bees' and brought it to life, creating a fun and inventive brand identity for our new project. You name it, they thought of it... from the honeycomb sneaker soles to the hexagonal running track, the logo is just what we wanted.

Tom Benbow

Co-Founder, Track Bees

A Typeface With A Bit More Sting

We created a bespoke typeface that compliments the logo. The 'bee sting' packs a powerful punch and perfectly represents the rapid speeds the team runs at.


Anyone Can Buzz!

Aiming to increase participation in the local area, the tagline ANYONE CAN BUZZ! was created to encourage and generate self-belief in people to lace up and get out on the track, streets or anywhere else you can run!

Time To Lace Up!

The 'Bee Trail' was created to encourage runners to share their achievements. Fun graphics that showcased distance, time or even participation helped enhance the wider brand. 

Celebrating Milestones

To encourage participation we adapted the logo and created a membership scheme whereby runners were earned a new membership group based off number of runs achieved.

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