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Lydia Ko

Brand Identity

Lydia Ko is New Zealand's most successful golfer (male or female) in history. In 2017, she asked us to create her a logo and brand identity system that would reflect her Kiwi heritage and love for her fans.


Creative Direction, Design & Animation - Ryan Gouge

Player photography: Getty Images


The global star who has not forgotten her roots

She may have been born in Korea, but New Zealand has her heart. We took a the Koru, a recognisable symbol within Kiwi culture and combined that with her iconic heart celebration from the ANA Inspiration in 2016 to create a unique logo mark that truly embodies Lydia's heritage and personality.


Lydia Ko, New Zealand's Heartbeat


We animated the logo to reflect that of a heartbeat to show that wherever she is in the world, she has never forgotten the place she calls home

Application on products


Lydia has hopes in the future to release her own clothing line, so we used the heartbeat pattern to create a recognisable element of the brand, tying in her on and off course aspirations. 


For The Fans

Fans of Lydia began adopting the logo and using it on their clothing to show their support for her. This was an unexpected, yet incredible use of the logo.

Thank you Nineteen89 for creating my logo. 

I absolutely love it!

Lydia Ko

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