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KC Academy

Kadeena Cox is a double Paralympic champion in both cycling and 400m. We was asked to design a brand identity for her new cycling academy which helped to increase participation numbers in the BAME community.


Creative Direction & Design - Ryan Gouge

Photography - Getty Images


Overcoming All Obstacles

Kadeena Cox is a British 2 time Paralympic Gold Medalist competing in both the 400m (T38) and 

Para cycling (T4-5). Kadeena's story is truely inspiring. A gifted runner from a young age, she looked on course to become a star in athletics before a sudden stroke in 2014. After two months of recovery, she returned to athletics before facing a further set back later that year whereby she started experiencing a burning sensation in her arms, she was later diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). 


Undeterred by her condition, she focused on competing in the 2016 Paralympics in Rio De Janeiro, running the 400m. Fortunately, she has an auspicious discovery during one of her physio sessions that she was a gifted cyclist, elite enough to compete as a multi disciplined athlete. Her sheer grit and determination empowered her to be a double gold medalist in Rio, becoming the first Paralympian to win two golds since 1984.


Kadeena displays an undeniable positive attitude, believing that if you have a dream nothing can stop you regardless of race, gender or disability. Currently Kadeena is the only black, sponsored cyclist in the British Cycling. This motivated her to establish her own cycling academy which aims not only to increase the numbers of young people participating in cycling but in particular to grow the number of BAME participants within the sport.


Building The Brand

The logo and icon have enough flexibility to be used in a way to be instantly identifiable with the academies team. The Icon would be a used across all team uniforms, bikes, equipment and clothing.


Supporting identity System

The brand utilises a variety of patterns that can be used on apparel and across social media. The first pattern is cut away segments of the logo. This would be used across apparel only giving the team kits and accessories a recognisable style that members would be proud to wear.


Inspired By The Velodrome

The second pattern is inspired by the lines within the velodrome which would be used across social media. Although the lines are slightly exagerated, this does create a look of a fast paced cycling brand.


Digital Identity

The KC Academy wants to inspire the next generation so the visual language is vital to achieve this. The visuals use powerful imagery with pops of colour to catch attention. The visuals will also utilise the patterns of the velodrome to give the post a bit more style.