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HSBC Women's
World Championship 2022

The Women's World Championship is back in Singapore in 2022 with another incredible edition of the event. With Covid still affecting fan attendance, we created a campaign where players become their digital selves.

Where - IMG

Creative Direction & Design - Ryan Gouge

Illustration - Dave Merrell

Marketing - Kim Martin

Social Media Rollout: Tactical


Following on from the 2021 campaign that highlighted key statistics of the players up their return to Asia, we followed up in 2022 with the players taking the form of their digital selves. We enlisted the talented illustrator Dave Merrell to create realistic, photo-like images of 5 key players as well as a stunning backdrop of Singapore to really set the scene. 

HSBC WWC 22-CityBrand-034.jpg
HSBC WWC 22-CityBrand-044.jpg
HSBC WWC 22-CityBrand-036.jpg
HSBC WWC 22-CityBrand-013.jpg
HSBC WWC 22-ClubhseSetup-002.jpg
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