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HSBC Women's

World Championship 2021

The Women's World Championship is the premier female golf event in Asia. We created a futuristic campaign that utilised the stats of the players to showcase how good they are. 

Where - IMG

Creative Direction & Design - Ryan Gouge

3-D Modelling & Animation - Andrew Dawson

Project Management - Harrie Brown

Marketing - Cally Hocknell / Kim Martin / Shandi Strong

Social Media Rollout: Tactical

With Covid-19 devastating the world in 2020, the HSBC Women's World Championship was cancelled. In 2021, Singapore is calling back the best players in the world to show everyone WHY they are best. We utilise a HUD style to showcase their talents.

The key visual had elements of a glitch effect which shows a disruption in the system. The players are the elite in the world, they are here to disrupt the normality, they are the game changers. We wanted to showcase Singapore as a tourist destination also across the campaign so a variation of backdrops were featured in different lockups.

A4_Singapore_KV_HSBC_DEC2020 copy.jpg
A4_Singapore_KV_HSBC_DEC2020 copy.jpg

Selected players would have their very own bespoke banners with customised glitch effect. These were showcased in downtown Singapore.

We handed off the the visual identity to our sister agency Tactical in the social rollout of the event. The social channels looked closer at the stats of each player and supported other partners such as the Singapore tourism board in promoting the country as a holiday destination.

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