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ISPS Handa


ISPS Handa Forefront is where business meets golf. We were asked to create a name for the event, as well as a full brand identity. 

Where - IMG

Creative Direction, Design & Animation - Ryan Gouge

Project Management - Lowri Holborrow

Photography: Steve Brown / Ines Felix

Video - Golfing World


Where business meets golf

Business deals between top-level executives have historically taken place outside the boardroom and instead on the fairways. Sadly, this has historically been an all-male practice. Forefront aimed to challenge this stereotype and invite female executives to also pick up and club and network alongside their male counterparts. This event was not aimed at seasoned golfers but encouraged anyone to give golf a try.

Screenshot 2020-12-06 at 11.59.25.png

The name

Forefront was born out of the need for change. The event wanted to challenge the stereotypes across golf and encourage a greater female participation level. We learned that historically females have been less inclined to attend seminars of this nature whereby the experience of golf was needed. Forefront encouraged non-golfers to attend so we created a simple logo lockup that would fit in the current market of business seminars and not discourage participation through a golf visual. 

Digital Application

With this being a limited ticket event, we needed to create a look and feel that would be applied mainly across digital channels, specifically across the Forefront website. We created an identity that was inviting and focused on imagery of powerful, high-level executives and leaders in their field to encourage a wide range of applications.


Golfing World

A feature for the event was produced by the team at Golfing World which talked about the importance of these type of events not only in golf, but across all sectors. You can view this below.

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