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Dinah Shore Champions Brooch

The ANA Inspiration celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021 and the challenge was to make the biggest one yet. We created the 50th-anniversary logo, creative campaign and the first of its kind in women's golf, a commemorative piece presented to all past champions to symbolise their achievements. 

Where - IMG

Creative Direction - Ryan Gouge

IMG Team- Harrie Brown, Ashley Partenza, Alyssa Randolph,  Kaci Fox, Cally Hocknell

Film: Tactical 

Design: Ryan Gouge / Danielle Probst

Jewellery Production: Malcome DeMille


Remembering Dinah

The ANA Inspiration was 50 years old in 2021 and has had many names and partners, but one consistent thing is Dinah Shore's legacy. Dinah founded the event in 1972 and was an influential voice of women's sport throughout the 70s until her death in 1994. We honour her legacy with a gift to all the champions she inspired and continues to inspire at Mission Hills Country Club.


Something to remember, something to inspire

The event is often referred to as the female equivalent of the mens Masters at Augusta National. So many parallels between the events, from a storied history, iconic location and a list of legendary champions, the only thing missing was how to recognise past winners. Born out of iconic green jacket, we wanted to create a special yet subtle piece which former winners would be proud to wear, but would also truly honour the legacy of Dinah Shore. We decided that a brooch, similar to a fraternity pin given in US colleges would be the ideal size and piece to truly honour Dinah's memory. We used her statue that is positioned on the 18th green walkway at Mission Hills Country Club as the base of the design, surrounded by elegant ruby's to create a truly remarkable piece.

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