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PTO 2022

Having started as the new Design Lead at the Professional Triathletes Organisation in July 2022, I was able to work across the PTO brand but also the launch of the PTO Tour with events in Canada, USA and Slovakia. Here is a selection of the best work from the year

Where - PTO

Creative Direction & Design Lead - Ryan Gouge

Senior Designer - Maria Kivakude

Head of Content and Digital - Nick Shakinovsky

Social Team - Jack Teague / Aidan Phillips - Cregg

Studio Photography - Dale Travers 

Event Photography - James Mitchell / Darren Wheeler / 

                                  Deboarah Castellanos

Lionel Sanders Race-37.jpg
Ashleigh Gentle US Open 2022-27.jpg

PTO Social Feed 

A selection of work is posted across the PTO's social feed. This work is a mix of design and creative direction (with design executed by Maria Kivakude)

Sam Long Projector CC22-40.jpg

Collins Cup 2022

A selection of work for the second edition of the Collins Cup

Sam Long US Open 2022-040.jpg

PTO US Open 2022


A selection of work from the inaugural PTO US Open in Dallas, Texas

PTO Tour_Open_Exploration_1.4_TO PNG-09.png

PTO Canadian Open 2022


A selection of work from the inaugural PTO Canadian Open in Edmonton, Canada.