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The Chevron Championship
Logo Design

The Chevron Championship in 2022 became the biggest sponsor of women's golf history by becoming the title partner to the first major championship of the year in Palm Springs California. We were offered the chance to design the new logo which needed not only to incorporate Chevron as the new partner but the LPGA who have been fundamental in growing the game for many years. This is an exciting new chapter for an event with a longstanding history on the LPGA and a great opportunity for Chevron to move the dial in women's golf.

Where - IMG

Creative Direction & Design - Ryan Gouge

Marketing - Ashley Partenza

Logo Animation: Tactical 

Photography: Gabriel Roux

01-IMG-Chevron Championship-Animated Logo-Blue.gif

Instantly recognisable

The logo needed to be very recognisable as a women's golf event but also be able to sit across the wider suite of Chevron logos. We utilised the LPGA's female golfer mark as the focal point and created a hierarchy that allowed Chevron to be front and center. The logo utilises Chevron's brilliant blue colour palette to further elevate the brand identity. 

Flexible and bold

The logo was used across a wide range of comms as well as on-site during event week. Each hole had the logo printed on the tee boards but was also used across signage, caddy bibs and hospitality areas. The logo was flexible in its approach and utilised the full range of colours in its palette. 

Screenshot 2022-03-31 at 10.23.38.png
LOGO_GIF copy.gif
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