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ANA Inspiration 2021

The ANA Inspiration celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021 and the challenge was to make the biggest one yet. We created the 50th-anniversary logo, creative campaign and supplied the look and feel for rollout across social media. 

Where - IMG

Creative Direction & Design - Ryan Gouge

Logo Animation: Rimante Navalinskaite

Project Management - Harrie Brown

Marketing - Ashley Partenza / Cally Hocknell

Social Media Rollout: Tactical 

Photography: Gabriel Roux


A special logo for an iconic event

We created the 50th-anniversary logo for the event which would sit proudly alongside the core brand. The logo was crafted in elegance, with the tail wind of the ANA plane a key part of the visual identity.


A special identity 


We created the visual identity on-site and across social media. The event was about celebrating the long history of the event, so we created a special timeline on the 18th green which showcased every champion winning moment. The timeline was captured many times on TV and used as a photo backdrop by many players, including world number one Jin Young Ko!


On-Site artwork

We created several pieces of large scale artwork to be displayed on site. We wanted to showcase the history of the event around the course to inspire and provoke old and new memories. 

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